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Dear ex-participants of olympiads, programmers and others!

Our National Team has been winning high places at the European and International Olympiads in Informatics for many years.

The results of the national team on the International Olympiads in Informatics from 2017 to 2020

From 1992 to 2020, our teams won 10 gold, 32 silver and 46 bronze medals. Very often our national teams are in the TOP-15 among more than 80 countries.

New Olympiads have recently started to appear in Europe. In 2017, the first European Junior Olympiad in Informatics took place in Bulgaria. Since then, our team has participated in this Olympiad three times and won 3 gold medals, 11 silver and two bronze medals. Moreover, in 2020, Ukrainian Oleh Naver became the champion of the Olympiad, beating 91 participants from 27 European countries. In the same year, our team took first place in the medal standings.

Ukraine at the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics 2019 in Slovenia

In 2021, we took part in the first European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics, where our participants were able to take one gold and three silver medals.

The team of Ukraine at the European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics 2021

As the participation of the National teams in the European Olympiads is not regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, we independently organize Ukrainian Junior and Girls' Olympiads in Informatics, based on the results of which we will select participants for the European Olympiads.

About 1,000,000 UAH a year is needed to hold the Olympiads. To be more precise, they go to:

  • Paying for national team trips to the European Junior Olympiad (Summer/Fall 2022), the European Girls' Olympiad (June 2022) and the Central European Olympiad (Summer/Fall 2022).
  • Organizing selection camps for European and International Olympiads (Spring 2022).
  • Task preparation for the II-IV stages of the Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics (they are not paid by the Ministry of Education and Science) and the Ukrainian Junior and Girls' Olympiads in Informatics.
  • Organization of the finals of the Ukrainian Junior and Girls' Olympiads in Informatics (Spring 2022).
  • Prizes for the best participants of the Ukrainian Olympiads (Spring 2022).

Because of this, we ask you to support the Olympiad movement in Informatics in Ukraine, namely - the non-profit organization "Federation of Olympic Programming [of Ukraine]". We will be grateful for any donation. If you are hesitant to make a one-time donation and to make a monthly donation, we kindly ask you to choose a second one. Monthly donations will give us stability, we will better understand what budget to expect. The larger the budget, the less participants will have to pay and the better competitions we will be able to organize.

If you work in an IT company and your company has a donation matching program, try to find it under the name "Olympiad Programming Federation". In this case, your company will double the donation.

To help, please either make the payment yourself using the details, or use the form. If you want to help in another way, then contact either by mail, or in a telegram @arsijo.


Head of "Federation of Olympic Programming [of Ukraine]"

Anton Tsypko

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2020-2021 season report

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